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Child Safety

Wireless tracking alarms, GPS tracking, and shoe lights to keep your child safe

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Picture this scene. You head out to the store with your little one, trying to pick up a few items that you need for the house. You spend a minute reaching for something to put in your cart, and when you turn around, your child is nowhere to be found. At first, you don't panic. You think he is just around the corner. However, after a minute of looking, your heart starts to race. Finally, you spot him not too far away, and you sigh with relief.

That scenario happens to parents often. Children move quickly, and something can change in the blink of an eye. The situation could turn very serious, however; in rare cases, parents are unable to find their children.

So, what can you do to ease your mind? Look into a child safety personal alarm. Your child will wear a transmitter on their wrist that looks like a lovable cartoon character. That transmitter pushes a signal to the receiver that you have in your hand. You determine how far you want the signal to extend; you can choose anywhere from six feet to 30 feet. If your child moves out of that range, your receiver alerts you to the situation.

Child safety personal alarms are the latest technology. They were created as a way to help parents keep their children safe. They still allow children to have freedom of movement, but they ensure that the situation does not get out of control. With these alarms, you know that your child will not move farther than you are comfortable with.

These alarms have many different designs. They can be big or small. They help parents monitor their children and help them to feel secure when they are out in public with their little one. Child safety personal alarms are not to be underestimated!