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  • Running Lights Flyer

    I  I made our first advertisement flyer last night to hand out.

  • Safety Lights

    LED Safety Lights

    Just about everybody feels hesitant when they walk into a parking lot or garage at night. I certainly do. This is why I carry a mini LED flashlight with me. It helps with all that I can’t see and it's easy to carry on a key chain, in a purse or be placed in the glove box. You might even want to keep one on your nightstand or in an emergency kit.

    Whenever you enter a parking lot or garage at night you simply turn on the flashlight and you'll quickly find your keys so you can open your car door. Once you're in your car you'll feel much safer. Think about the times you might have not been seen in the dark and almost been hit by a car. This is where flashing safety lights will be your saving grace.

    These LED lights are extra bright in intensity and they are absolutely a must for any bicyclist or jogger. You should also give one to your child or hand one out if you see a stranded motorist. These are so convenient you can wear them on a belt clip, on your wrist, on your arm or even mounted onto a PVC bike mount. We even carry lights that attach to running shoes which are perfect for those early morning and late night military workout sessions.

    Finally, wouldn’t you be devastated if your pet ran off? Adding an LED safety light to your pet's collar is the perfect solution to this problem. If your cat or dog wanders off you can see right where they are headed. These pet safety lights come in several vibrant colors that blink and can be seen up to one mile away. Best of all, they are waterproof.

    Security lights are like insurance. You hope you never have to use it, but you will be glad to have it in the event something happens.

  • Survival Gear

    Hello Everyone,

    One of the many things to consider in a survival situation is that you may have to face people that are out of food, water or shelter. You're going to need to have the right survival gear in your bug out bag. What will you do if someone attempts to steal your bug out gear? How will you protect it and how are you going to plan ahead? Do you have a plan? It's important to have some tactical gear and a short-term plan.

    There are many questions that you must ask yourself and answer. You'll want to be safe even if you think no one would want to steal from you. It is amazing what people will do if they are in a situation and feel threatened. You must plan ahead. People will act out in ways that aren't normal in serious survival situations.

    There are a lot of situations that you'll have to include and prepare for in your tactical arsenal. You may require some lock picking tools as well as other means of hiding. Consider knives, boot knives, belt buckles that double as a knife and even a wallet knife. Pocket pepper spray may also be handy to have on hand. Prepare now before you need it.

    Always choose clothes that will help you to blend into your surroundings. You'll appreciate how they can help to conceal you if you're in need of hiding out. Try never to stand out in a crowd and avoid looking like you don't have a clue what you're doing. It's important that you don't appear as a target. Consider a daypack or messenger bag if you're in the city.

    Clearly, there are a wide variety of situations that can be dangerous and you'll want to be prepared for them. Have a strategy and a plan and create long and short term plans in case you need to implement them. Your plans should all be well balanced and have the goal of survival for you and those with you in your party. Train to use your equipment properly and avoid anything that you don't know how to use. In this fashion, you'll be able to keep yourself and others in your party safe from would-be marauders. Remember, you're only as safe as you prepare yourself to be so prepare now.

    Be Safe everyone and have a good night,


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