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Stun Gun With
Alarm & Flashlight
HD Eye Glasses
Hidden Spy Camera
with Built In DVR
Pepper Shot
½ oz. Pepper Spray
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Self-Defense Products


Over the last several years self-defense product have made their appearance in the civilian world. For decades self-defense products were exclusively used by law enforcement and military. Used for crowd control and to subdue criminals, they were tactical weapons that were used to keep control. Stun guns, tactical weapons, mace, pepper spray and even tasers are now on the market for anyone to own.


Today, many of the self-defense items are ideal for women to use as well as seniors. There is a lot of anxiety out there regarding self-defense tools and many want to know more about them.


Self-defense products are designed to help protect you by disabling a would-be assailant. This gives you time to escape while the would-be assailant is recovering from their results of the items that you've used to protect yourself. Properly used, many self-defense items can render a would-be assailant incapacitated for up to 45 minutes. Pepper spray is perhaps the most popular of the self-defense products out on the market today. On average, it's up to 86 percent effective. The price for pepper spray is between $3 and upwards and very affordable. A quick spray in the face of a would-be assailant can allow you time to escape while they recover. In most cases, it will take them up to 45 minutes to recover. Their eyes will tear up and close and they will cough and find that they are short of breath. They will have immediate pain and struggle. Quick and easy to use, you'll be able to conceal your pepper spray (which makes it an ideal choice). With a range of six to 25 feet, it works very well and as long as the wind isn't affecting you adversely you'll be able to use it safely.


After pepper spray, a stun gun is an ideal option for self-defense. Stun guns vary from $4 upwards to several hundred dollars depending on the type and style chosen. They are also very effective and easy to deploy. You'll have to be closer to the would-be assailant if you're using a stun gun. There are two electrical probes that must connect with the would-be assailant in order to work. When used for three to five seconds the power of the electrical charge will cause a burning sensation and they will fall to the ground. Keep in mind that many stun guns are illegal in some states so you'll want to ensure that you're state allows them if you own one. Check with your local police department if you're unsure.


Tasers come in next and are also very effective. Advantages to a taser are that you don't have to be touching or near the person as these will shoot out the taser into the person's body.


This is how most of the self-defense products work. All of them are non-lethal and work very well to protect people from danger. For this reason, they are highly desired.


Once you have selected a product, ensure that you know how to properly use it so that you can safely use it.